MW Tradesmen


From Owners Engineering services to commissioning, we have you covered. Electrical, automation, instrumentation, integration, and mechanical engineering is available.


All of our electricians have at least 5 years experience, carry a valid US Passport, and speak fluent English. We also have a large team of international electricians as well.

ROV Technicians

We offer ROV Pilot Technicians, Senior Pilot Technicians, and Supervisors. There are also electrical and IT repair specialists available along with maintenance programs.

IT and Networking

Our expert IT and Networking team can design and implement any project you need. In conjunction with our electricians, there's no IT and Networking project we can't deliver.

Mechanical & Rigging

Marine Worldwide has a vast number of technicians with mechanical and rigging experience. All of them have marine experience and many have oil & gas experience as well.

Welders & Fabricators

MW Tradesmen has a large team of welders all over the world. We offer all types of welding including Arc, MIG (Metal, Inert Gas) and TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas).

Cable Pullers

All of our cable pullers have over 5 years experience in marine and oil & gas. They also have experience on commercial land projects as well. We have a large capability of technicians both US and International.


Keep your costs down by adding low skilled labor. We offer a large team of US and International helpers who are vetted by our quality control team and are hard workers. Please Contact Us for more information.

Greenhouse Labor

Controlled-Environment Agriculture (CEA) is the future of crop growing. Our MW Green Technologies team offers services and labor for the construction of these automated greenhouses. Full turn key services are available.