American Labor Provider and Turnkey Services


Marine Worldwide was founded in 2010 as an electrical engineering and installation company specializing in vessels, O&G, and renewable energy. We have grown tremendously since. Besides our extensive team of US and International labor, we now provide full turnkey project delivery, business development, and support services. Marine Worldwide has also added many new and exciting divisions including MW Power Solutions, MW Green Technologies, MW Defense, and MW Administrative Solutions. Our diverse team of engineers and technicians bring with them an abundance of practical, boots-on-the-ground experience across various industry sectors and borders. Through this first-hand knowledge of executing and managing capital projects, we are able to offer our clients in-depth analyses and straight forward, objective advice on the most critical issues facing a project.

Marine Labor & Tradesmen

We offer US and International labor in many areas of expertise. Our labor force is trained, professional, and hard working. From the conceptual design and engineering to installation services, we have the professionals and tradesmen you need.

MW Defense

MW Defense provides expert labor in multiple disciplines including engineers, electricians, IT specialists, mechanics, welders, and riggers. All technicians possess a TWIC Card for easy access to major US ports, naval bases, and shipyards.

MW Power Solutions

Our MW Power Solutions team has over 7 years of experience working on US based power plants and ship power systems. We provide engineering, electrical installation, and mechanical work along with commissioning and troubleshooting. Contact Us for more information.

MW Admin Services

Does your company need a footprint in the United Stated? Let our expert team setup and run an office on your behalf and offer our Business Development Services to help grow your market share in the US. Our expert Administration and Professional Staff has a solution for you.


Marine Worldwide's ISN Rating

Marine Worldwide maintains an "A" Rating with ISNetworld® (ISN®). ISN serves as a database for online contractor safety management designed to streamline companies' and contractors' compliance pre-qualification processes. They are one of the most important sources in the US to assure quality assurance from US based companies. It works to help contractors, suppliers, and hiring clients to ensure regulatory compliance.