MarineWorldwide takes safety VERY serious. Our Project Safety Management Board is continuously training and updating our employees/contractors with the latest in safety technologies and procedures.


The Boards duties include:

* Safety monitoring and inspections

* Conduct employee safety training and orientation

* Attend project coordination meetings

* Develop site specific safety plans and task hazard assessments

* Complete daily safety tasks and responsibilities

* Maintain project safety records and stats

* Implement accident management systems

* Manage regulatory inspections

* OCIP Assistance


 * Administer Project’s Safety Program.

* Monitor the compliance with mandatory safety and health laws, standards and codes.

* Monitor the work environment for noise and pollutants.

* Develop and initiate specific safety and health procedures in conjunction with project controls.

* Review and approve all Contractors’ Project Safety Professionals.

* Review, support the develop project specific safety plans.

* Develop a project specific safety orientation and perform training.

Perform and document daily field observations.

* Conduct a daily, documented field review of activity safety planning.

* Support the Construction Management Team.




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