MWW Land Division deals with the designing, planning, construction, and management of infrastructures such as commercial buildings, residential homes, bridges, and utilities. Our Engineers are unique such that they are a cross between civil engineers and construction managers.

Our engineers are problem solvers, they help create infrastructure that best meets the unique demands of the environment. We understand infrastructure life cycles and have the perspective to solve technical challenges with clarity and imagination.


The Duties of our Engineers and Project Managers are as follows:


1) Support the Project Manager, Superintendent or other management roles in the construction process throughout all phases of the life-cycle of a project to include estimating, negotiation, contracting, buyout, construction administration and closeout of individual projects and / or task order projects at large.

2) Create, update and maintain a variety of project controls that track the status of: individual projects or task orders, changes to projects or task orders, RFI, shop drawings and submittal, matters involving quality controls, safety, financial performance, close-out and other aspects of the project(s) or task order(s).

3) Work with subject matter experts to create, review and process shop drawings and other submittals that are required to document the construction process.

4) Support the change management process, by updating logs, routing source documents to vendors, obtaining pricing, developing estimates and proposals, writing change orders and other related activities.

5) Support the estimating process by performing quantity surveys utilizing digitizers, 3D modeling software and paper based processes that obtain and summarize scope and quantities of work.

6) Establish, monitor, communicate and maintain project schedules utilizing contemporary scheduling software.

7) Support the physical layout and a absolute understanding of the spatial relationships of the physical work: by developing control line drawings, by using CADD to obtain additional dimensioning information, by reviewing and coordinating shop drawings and other activities that allows the various elements of work to correctly fit together.

8) Support the PM in negotiating contracts, subcontracts and purchase orders.

9) Maintain and regularly produce reports utilizing TMG and client specific workflow software such as TMG’s Project Center, USACE QCS/RMS, Prolog, etc.

10) Proactively identify issues that could lead to problems and facilitate solutions.

11) Develop an understanding of how to maintain and require compliant with all contract terms and legal requirements that govern the project to prevent rework and delays.

12) Provide timely and cordial interaction with supporting work groups, such as accounting, HR, ICS, etc.

13) Participate in managing activities that are related to project closeout to ensure timely completion.

14) Assist with the evaluation of projects for constructability and value-engineer cost savings;

15) Participate in life-long learning opportunities and professional development.

16) Participate in weekly staff meetings and industry networking functions.




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