All of our HVAC Technicians have at least 5 years experience, carry a valid US Passport, and speak fluent English. Their duties include:

1) Installs, troubleshoots and repairs heating, air conditioning and refrigeration units, including chillers, boilers and heat pumps.

2) Troubleshoots malfunctioning heating, air conditioning and refrigeration systems to determine the cause of the malfunction.

3) Performs scheduled maintenance inspections, and adjusts, cleans and calibrates various systems to assure proper system operations.

4) Repairs wiring and electronic components associated with automated building management systems.

5) Replaces expansion valves, compressors, motors, coil units and other component parts.

6) Cleans refrigerant systems from hermetic burnouts, evacuates, and charges systems.

7) Troubleshoots and repairs direct digital and pneumatic control systems.

8) Checks distribution systems for proper velocity, volume, temperature, pressure, etc.

9) Balances air and water treatment systems.

10) Determines cause of and corrects condensation problems.

11) Provides technical assistance with the design of HVAC systems including installations and modifications to existing systems.

12) Assists in training other technicians and staff in preventative maintenance of HVAC systems.

13) Prepares records and reports describing procedures, actions taken and recommended solutions.

14) Prepares and submits requests for supplies and equipment.

15) Responds to emergency service requests.

16) May supervise work of other technicians.




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