Our General Contractors possess the skills as well as the experience to be able to come up with an organized operation plan and the ability to meet deadlines. Within this time, our contractors are able to coordinate with different departments and see to it that every detail is polished within the appropriate given time.

All of our General Labor have at least 5 years experience, carry a valid US Passport, and speak fluent English. Their duties include:


1) Responsible for seeing that agreements in the contract are being followed.
Usually, general contractors can be the engineers of the project and they should always work hand in hand with the architect in charge.

2) Coordinate with specialty contractors. Most times this general contractor is the one responsible for hiring individuals and different departments for building the projects. Different departments include the plumbing works, carpentry and many others.

3) General Contractors are responsible in resolving issues within the construction.

4) Responsible in obtaining permits, inspections and seeing to it that regulations are being followed.




MarineWorldwide is a
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possess a valid US

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